2016 – 2021 NY/CSEA Contracts

Below are online contracts

ASU: Administrative Services Unit

ISU: Institutional Services Unit

OSU: Operational Services Unit

Side Letters
2011-2016 Agreements between
State of New York and CSEA

Index of Side Letters

No.Article Affected


1Article 4Electronic Communications
2Article 7Hudson Valley DDSO Closure/Downstate Adjustment
3Article 7Longevity Step/Reallocation
4Article 7Retroactive Payments Relating to Performance Evaluations
5Article 7Trainee Salary Calculation
6Article 7Treatment of Employees Moving from NS Positions to Salary Graded Positions
NS to Salary Grade Consent Award
7Article 7Special Assignment to Duty LMC
8Article 7Special Assignment to Duty
9Article 7Holiday Pay
10Article 7Longevity – 7.2, 7.4, 7.6, 7.8 – ASU, ISU, OSU, & DMNA
11Article 8Travel
12Article 10Extraordinary Circumstances
13Article 10 & 13Floating Holiday Leave Credits
14Article 10Holidays for Employees Working Extended Work Days
15Article 10Liquidation of Vacation Credits
16Article 10Medical Documentation for Personal Illness
17Article 10 & 50Hold on Shift Pass Day & Work Location
18Article 10Sick Leave Accumulation
19Article 11Mandatory Alternate Duty (Compensation Entitlement)
20Article 11Privacy of Medical Information
21Article 13Employee Payroll Information
22Article 14Employee Development and Training w/ Appendix I attached
23Article 14Employee Development and Training – WODU
24Article 15Safety and Health
25Article 17Parking (LOBA)
26Article 18Personal History Folder
27Article 21Workforce Reduction Limitation
28Article 22Contracting Out/Preferential Employment with Contractor
29Article 22Contracting Out/Procedures for CSEA Alternative Proposals
30Article 22Contracting Out/Redeployment During a Hiring Freeze
31Article 22Severance
32Article 24Out–of–Title Work with Extended OTW Agency Protocol
33Article 27Overtime Eligibility
34Article 27Compensatory Time for Overtime Worked
35Article 29 & 23Family Benefits Program/Work–Life Services
36Article 29 & 23Work-Life Labor/Management Advisory Board
37Article 30Employee Benefit Fund/Administrative Guidelines
38Article 33Discipline and Grievance Issues – Art. 33 MOU attached
39Article 33Select Panel on Patient Abuse
40Article 33Time and Attendance Process–Incarcerated Employees
41Article 33 & 34Duty of Fair Representation
42Article 34Contract Grievance Issues–Use of Technology
43Article 38Employee Assistance Program/Work–Life Services
44Article 40 & 37Performance Evaluation System Review
45 Labor/Management Committee Funds
46 Committee Funding
47 Pre–Tax Transportation Program
48 Rosters for Part–time Employees
49 Long–term Seasonal Employees – OPRHP & DEC
50 Less than Full–time Annual Salaried Employees
51 Employee Identification Cards
52 Housing and Meals
53 Temporary Employees
54Article 45ASU – Notification of Non–Selection
55 ASU – Vacation Scheduling/Recruitment Procedures
56 DMNA – Civil Service Law Section 72
57 DMNA – Miscellaneous
58Article 7.14ISU – Inconvenience Pay
59 ISU – Seniority for Part–time Employees
60Article 45ISU – Filling of Job Vacancies
61 ISU – Licensed Practical Nurses
62 ISU – Pre–Shift Briefing Pilot Program – OCFS
63Article 49OSU – Clothing and Tool Allowance with PERB Stipulation of Settlement U–12013
64Article 49OSU – Clothing and Tool Allowance for Part–time, hourly & Seasonals
65Article 49OSU – Work Clothing
66 OSU – Safety Related Noon Meal Subsidy
67 OSU – Pass Days System
68 Roswell Park Cancer Institute – Exam Fee Waiver