this week in albany

Week ending March 20, 2015

Budget Update

Negotiations and joint budget conference committees took place this week as the legislature and Governor work towards a three-way agreement on a final budget. Ethics reform dominated headlines as the Governor and Assembly announced a two-way agreement over a package of reforms. Details are still in flux as the Senate has not yet agreed to any of the proposals.

In addition to ethics, major outstanding issues include education funding and reform, economic development, infrastructure spending, raising the age of criminal responsibility, and health care funding.

Please visit the Legislative and Political Action Department's website for more budget information and CSEA's budget memos.

At a Glance

The legislature is scheduled to be in Albany for four days next week. According to the joint legislative budget schedule released by the Senate and Assembly, voting on final budget legislation is scheduled to take place next week but it is unclear if that timeline will hold true. The new State Fiscal Year begins on Wednesday, April 1.

Congressional Republicans Release Proposed Budget

This week Congressional Republicans released their proposed budget for next fiscal year. The plan would increase poverty and would decrease key investments that promote opportunity and foster economic growth. It would:

Balance the budget in ten years through massive cuts to entitlement and domestic programs, with no new revenue;

  • Hit programs for low and moderate-income Americans exceptionally hard, with about two-thirds of its budget cuts likely coming from programs for the less fortunate, thereby exacerbating poverty and inequality;
  • Repeal health reform and cut Medicaid deeply, likely causing tens of millions of people to become uninsured or underinsured;
  • Cut funding below the already-damaging sequestration levels in the years after 2016 for non-defense programs like education, job training, early intervention programs for children, basic scientific and medical research, and transportation.
As we review the budget further, specifically on how it will impact New York State, we will report additional details.